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Despite necessary actions taken due to the ongoing pandemic, including requirements for physical distancing, our office remains open. We are available to serve your immigration needs in a safe way. We continue to provide phone consultations and to hold videoconference meetings. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you!

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Vavilov and beyond!

Dissecting Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov, [2019] S.C.J. No. 65

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Poulton Law Office is a full-service Canadian immigration law firm. We specialize exclusively in Canadian immigration law. We are dedicated to serving the legal needs of refugees, immigrants, and their families in Canada.
We are experts in every area of immigration law. We can represent you in a full range of immigration services, including refugee hearings, detention reviews, humanitarian applications, family and spousal sponsorships, express entry applications, work permits, admissibility hearings and appeals. If you are a business owner, Poulton Law Office can pave the path for bringing your business to Canada.
About Poulton Law Office
Ron Poulton

Ronald Poulton
Senior Lawyer


I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Poulton to be their lawyer, because he is a very honest, hard working, and decent man. Mr. Poulton knows the immigration laws and will go step by step in terms of helping your immigration case and status to stay in Canada.


Thank you Ron for your diligent care of my case – thank you for providing me with the voice of reason when emotions may have interfered with good judgment and thank you for helping me obtain something that without your help I would not have obtained.


Ronald is extremely professional and empathetic. He is highly knowledgeable about immigration laws, and was able to work around my limitations. Most of the work was done via e-mails, which was great as I live on the other end of town. He has now become my lawyer of choice for immigration concerns.


Our family stayed in Canada without a proper status for almost 14 years. During that time, we had to go through a few con artists pretending to be immigration lawyers. Thousands of dollars was needlessly spent, and our lives were crushed. Then, when we were about to be deported, Ron helped us rapidly and effectively to settle in here as permanent residents


Ronald - I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the success we had in my “status” fight. I feel as if the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the sage advice and for navigating me through the system to such successful conclusion. My file was messy and awkward, but you figured it out pretty quick and did a remarkable job at the hearing. Thank you so much.


If your application to remain in Canada or to come to Canada has been denied, you may have an effective way of overturning that decision.

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